AUROMAR LUPAO COMPETITION - Private Reserve specialty coffee

Roast level:

Monte Lirio, Piedra Candela, Provincia de Chiriquí, PANAMA

Cupping score 89

Process: Natural

Varietal: LUPAO

Altitude: 1600 m

Cup profile

Floral, Marzipan, Dark fruits, Tangerines


LUPAO is hybrid created on farm Auromar. At first, it was only two trees, which subsequently grew into 0.4ha in altirude 1600 meters above sea level. Hybrid is very floral, but it is not an geisha hybrid. 
In 2020 was production only 30kg and we had it all in our roastery!

Name LuPao originated as abreviation of names of Robert Brenes grandchildren Lucia and Paola.

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