BOMBE specialty coffee

Roast level:

Bombe Mountains, ETIOPIA

Cupping score 88,5

Process: Natural

Varietal: Heirloom

Cup profile

floral of lavender, raspberry jam, orange and cream, very sweet with juicy acidity and round coating mouth-feel


This coffee is Named after the Bombe Mountains which is where most of the out growers who grow and deliver this coffee. Starting 2017/2018 harvest, producers from the Shantawene, Bombe, and Keramo communities delivered their very best cherries to the Bombe site, where they were separated into specific fermentation tanks and drying locations. The layout and good management of Bombe washing station allows for special processing techniques, such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as mesh shaded drying tables, to be used with the coffees. The wet mill is well-organized and run by a team including member Atkilt Dejene, a female agronomist who has also worked with the award-winning Gesha Village project, among others such as processing specialist, Eyasu Bekele, whom we worked with for the Reko Koba project several years running. The volume capacity at Bombe washing station is at max 2.5 million kgs of cherries, but for the past couple year, this site has maintained a strict dedication to producing outstanding quality above quantity.This particular lot has been processed as a shade dried natural under shade mesh canopy to create a slower therefore more gentle drying period that has been stretched to 25 days when the same group of people was in charge of turning the same table fifteen minutes to guarantee even dry and improved consistency

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