Porlex Mini II

€58 €66,50

Porlex Mini II is the new version of one of the most popular hand grinders on the market. Porlex Mini II has all the best features of the previous version - it is compact, durable, and has a convenient grind adjustment. Moreover, it is made of higher quality materials, it has an improved burr and redesigned adjustment knob. Recommended especially for pour over brewing methods - the grinder will satisfy especially the beginners and those seeking coffee-grinding solution for travelling.


- Ceramic burrs - improved burrs provide more precise and faster grinding. Compared to the previous version of the grinder, each rotation of the handle produces about 1/3 more coffee. Apart from that, ceramic burrs do not affect the flavour of the brew, nor absorb the any aroma of the beans.

- Grind adjustment - set easily and quickly with a knob below the burrs. Each setting differs by 37 microns. Porlex is recommended especially for pour-over and alternative brewing methods - AeroPress, drippers, Chmex, French Press and other.

- The body is made of stainless steel - it is durable and works in all conditions. Sleek and cylindrical form fits in the hand and makes grindng convenient. Tha capacity allows to grind about 20 grams of coffee at a time.

- Thanks to slim, portable design, Porlex Mini fits in an AeroPress - two products together make a great travel set. The handle can be disasembled and attached to the band for storing.

- Made in Japan, Kirishima city, Kagoshima factory.

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