Porlex Tall


Porlex Mini and Porlex Tall are Japanese stainless steel grinders with conical ceramic, laser-sharpened stones.

James Hoffman chose this grinder as the winner in his test of cheap coffee grinders. Being slightly ahead of Hario Mini Slim Ceramic.

Filter with this grinder tastes very well. The stainless steel body has a smaller static charge unlike plastic, so the construction of the body is an advantage.

Model mini is very portable and when the rubber ring is removed, it fits into an aeropress. Model Tall has the same burrs but it's taller. It has more space for coffee beans and more space for ground coffee. Model Tall doesn't have the rubber ring

Burrs are completely the same in the Porlex Mini as in the Porlex Tall and both models are capable of grinding for every kind of coffee brewing.

The speed and the softness of grinding is great as well, whereas the grinder and the handle are comfortable to hold

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