PORTA DO CÉU specialty coffee

Roast level:

 Poços de CaldasBRAZIL

Process:  Natural

Varietal: mondo novo a catuai

Cupping score 85.5

Altitude 1200-1300 

Cup profile

Peach and bergamot with orange blossom and vanilla with a smooth underlying hazelnut and chocolate body


The unique volcanic terroir of Poços de Caldas is perfectly suited to grow coffee with altitudes ranging from 970 – 1250 masl. The farms here sit on the periphery of the volcanic caldera (large old crater) which has a diameter of 31km and has a terroir and climate suited for producing specialty coffee with distinct profiles.Sítio Porta do Céu - "Heavens gate estate" was bought by Natal Alves Figueiredo in 1996 when he found a piece of land that he fell in love with immediately. Inspired by his grandfather who was also a coffee farmer he set about turning the small 8.5 ha piece of land into a coffee farm and planted the mondo novo and catuai varietals known for thier sweetness and cup quality. The farm annually produce only 120 bags which by Brazilian standard is a low yield. However Natal has really focussed his attention on quality over quantity.During the harvest the estate employs 13 families to help with hand picking and sorting the coffees. After picking the cherries are separated according to ripeness and then taken to the patios to dry for 7 -10 days. After this the coffee is then left to rest in wooden vats for 30 days before it is then hulled and prepped ready for shipment.We are fortunate to be bringing this small 20 bag lot of coffee in for the first time from this estate.

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