Coffee hand grinder Hario Ceramic Mini-Slim PRO Black


PRO version features:

- Steel body.
- Sturdy, detachable hand with a hexagonal adapter.
- Transparent lid with a silicone grip.
- Easily detachable ground coffee container.


Ceramic burrs provide even and consistent grinding, are durable, and do not influence the flavor of coffee. You can set the grinder for the brewing method of your choice - whether you are an AeroPress user, or a Chemex fan. The grind size is adjusted with a knob under the bean container. It is quick and easy.


The upper container holds up to 24 grams of coffee. This amount is enough for 1-2 people.

If we prepare using V60 and in ratio 1:17, we get 4dcl of coffee (408 grams to be exact)

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