Carlos Alfredo Estevez is a second generation coffee farmer from the Corquin area of Copan. Carlos parents

cultivated various different crops in their lifetime, from sugar cane to tobacco, riding waves of price fluctuations until

they eventually settled on coffee farming, which for their generation was fairly profitable. Carlos and his brothers

inherited the small amount of land they had and continued to produce coffee, until recently when his brother

changed to cucumber farming. Carlos lost his land some years ago since it wasnt making any money and was just

causing the family to take on debt. Carlos is a trained agronomist and started out with Aruco as a technician, visiting

farmers and giving training on farm management. Three years ago when Falcon started the quality uplift project in

Honduras, Carlos was appointed as manager of micro-lots and specialty coffee. This has seen him learn about all

aspects of coffee quality, covering plant nutrition through to innovative fermentation and drying methods, all in order

to coax the most out of the coffee in the area. Having seen the success of the micro-lot project, Carlos decided to

buy new land and start farming coffee again. He found land in the higher lands in the area, all above 1450masl,

where coffee quality is higher. Carlos grows caturra, lempira, parainema and Ihcafe 90, some of which was recently

planted and some was already growing when he bought the land. This coffee was macerated for 72h before being

dried on raised beds in the Aruco wet mill area for around 40 days. IHCAFE 90 isnt normally a very complex variety,

but has very good body and sweetness as a natural. Carlos decided to macerate this lot in order to further develop

the body and give a creamy texture, whilst also adding an extra layer of acidity in order to bring balance and

juiciness to the cup.

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