Is Coffia Cafe open during covid?

We currently have a coffee shop closed due to government regulations. The roaster works normally.

Is the coffee I order fresh?

We roast in very small portions ranging from 3 to 10 kilos per batch. We will most likely roast your coffee only after we receive the order. Most often we roast on Friday, if you need coffee fast, call us 0911278315.

ALL YOUR COFFEE IS SPECIALTY? And what does that actually mean?

Yes, everything. Labeling premium, gourmet or selective can mean anything. However, SPECIALTY is a term introduced by the Specialty Coffee Association and is a relatively complex coffee rating system that awards or subtracts points on a scale from 0 to 100. If coffee has at least 80 points, we speak of SPECIALTY. So far, there is very little such coffee in the world. It is estimated that only about 10% will score 80 points or more. In our roastery, we carefully roast and taste samples of coffee specialties literally from all over the world and select the best ones. Sometimes no more than a small bag (30 kilos) is available. However, we will never buy quantity at the expense of quality, nor will we be seduced by the price with the vision of greater profit. We want COFFIA to be as good as possible. 

What is the difference between FILTER, ESPRESSO and Old School espresso?

Filter: The lightest roast that gives the most aromas and flavors with higher acidity. However, this acidity is of fruit quality, such as acid raspberries, plums, oranges ... By no means vinegar and the like. The most suitable for alternative preparation: Hario V60 , Chemex, Aeropress and so on. It is possible to prepare for espresso, but it is necessary to take into account that espresso will increase the acidity even more. 

Espresso: Darker roasting than Filter, but still light. The aroma and taste are a little less than with a roasting filter, but the goal is to slightly reduce acidity to make espresso more pleasant. However, it is a modern acidic espresso with a mild bitterness. It can also be used for alternative preparations for a slightly hotter and less acidic result.

Old School Espresso: Darker roasting to reduce the sensitivity even more. The tax for this is the suppression of smells and tastes (as opposed to lighter roasting). Suitable for lovers of hot coffee with darker roasting tones with the lowest possible acidity.  


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