Odaco specialty coffee


Shantawene, Sidama, ETHIOPIA

Cupping score 88.5

Processing: Natural

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 2000-2200

Farm: Odaco

Flavor profile

Strawberry, peach, tangerine, lots of citrus sparkling acidity, honey - underlining sweetness, elderflower and jasmine, vanilla foam


This coffee from the SHANTAWENE community is a micro-lot and has been named "ODACO" to reflect the powerful culture of the people of Shantawene, the Sidama.

Odaco is the popular name of a tree in Shentawena, Bensa. The Odako tree is where the SHANTAWENE community meets to resolve conflicts in the neighborhood.

A similar tradition exists, for example, in other parts of Ethiopia (in Oromo, known locally as "oda". )

The coffee comes from Daye Bensa farms in the SHANTAWENE area and Gatta Daye Bensa farms.

Daye Bensa micro-lots are limited production, this approach helps them to focus on the quality of the beans.

As soon as the coffee arrives, it is sorted by floating and picking the ripe cherries.

Then they dry it on African beds for 13-15 days; There is one person assigned to each individual bed who rotates the cherries every 15 minutes to ensure even drying.

At Daye Bensa, traceability is extremely important for their microlots.

The ledger is handled with care and separation is key to guaranteeing the highest level of quality.

when the cherries arrive, they are divided by village, the coffee is then kept separate during drying, processing and storage with labels showing the delivery date, farm name, lot number and more details about the particular lot.

Daye Bensa is a particularly "community" oriented business that provides additional bonus payments to farmers based on the volume they contribute to microshares and annually rewards consistency.

This year they are also rewarding their farm workers for the key role they play in the drying process.

Finally, they constantly work with the school principal in the villages around the farm and provide school materials for students who have problems with basic needs such as notepads or pens.


What is the difference between roasting you can read here.


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