Villa Pastora


Palestine Huila, COLOMBIA

Cupping score 87.75

Processing: Natural

Variety: Orange Bourbon

Elevation above sea level: 1850

Farmer: Julieth Fernanda Mora Ortega

Taste profile

Milk chocolate, honey, raspberries, grapes, orange

Villa Pastora is located in the village of Palestina Huila.

Julieth says: Villa Pastora was born in the 1980s when my grandmother Pastora acquired it, who ran it until 2002. She was the first person to plant Typica coffee trees on her farm, and since then the coffee trees have grown into the family.

Today, her sons and grandsons have inherited the farm and are the second and third generations of coffee farmers. As Julieth says: My parents and siblings have been focusing on producing high-quality differentiated coffees for several years, we want the world to know the effort and dedication it takes to put quality coffee on the table of a good client."

You can read about the difference between roasting here .

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